Furniture lifts


Our most powerful furniture lifts – the Bigmovers – are set up on trucks with a load capacity of 7.5 t. Depending on the hoisting height, they can transport furniture that is too bulky or heavy for narrow staircases up to the 16th floor of high buildings. In this respect, the safety of the operator and transported goods takes priority for us. Fixed support beams made of high-strength steel and infinitely variable height levelling provide a stable base even on uneven ground. A solid rail package and dual hydraulic cylinders ensure convenient and safe work.


Extendable pneumatic wheels

  • laterally extendable pneumatic wheels for optimal adjustment to local conditions
  • various widths can be set thanks to several locking points

Base extension

  • stable base extension can be variably pulled out
  • lower loading height to protect the back whilst working

Handheld remote control unit

  • adjustable stopping points
  • soft start-up and braking of the slide
  • wear-free, resistant and safe to operate solenoid switch, no mechanical switching
  • regulation of the speed whilst moving, down to stop, by pressing a button
  • pendant control panel with 5 m cable for engine start/stop, slide up/down as well as emergency off

Lift control system

  • one-handed operation of all hydraulic functions
  • proportional valves enable sensitive work
  • soft start-up and braking of the slide conserves the transport material

Control on headpiece

  • slide can be moved from top to bottom
  • motor on/off function
  • slide immediately stopped using emergency stop switch

Four-way outriggers

  • four-way, lateral support
  • support beam made of solid special steel
  • Hydraulics ensure continuous and variable height adjustment of the support cylinders.
  • particularly long support cylinders for horizontal set-up even on uneven ground

Two luffing cylinders

  • raising of the rails by two massive luffing cylinders
  • double safety due to two cylinders
  • high torsional rigidity and optimum stability

Rail winches

  • two rail winches for double safety
  • possible to stop the rail in any position
  • skipping the ropes and slack ropes are prevented

Drive concept

  • PTO power take-off from the vehicle
  • throttle control reduces noise and saves fuel
  • speed increase when a function is activated

Rotatable-extendable furniture container

  • Baseplate: 1,500 × 1,000mm
  • Side parts: 400 mm high and can be folded down to increase the loading area
  • no gaps on the transitions
  • height adjustment to adjust the inclination
  • easy to work with as furniture container can be used for loading and unloading
  • due to its rotatability, the furniture container also fits through narrow window openings

Optional equipment

Drive concept

  • drive optionally via powerful auxiliary drive (PTO) from the vehicle or via an electric motor (230 Volt)
  • electric motor with automatic gas control reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment low-noise
  • electric motor useful at special locations such as hospitals

Telescopic supports

  • telescopic supports made of aluminium to protect the rail package
  • increased stability
  • available in lengths of 3,750 to 7,000 mm or 5,000 to 9,000 mm

Furniture container ‘System Paulus’ 

  • closed loading area by extending the side parts
  • no opening on the corners
  • ideal for transporting furniture with feet (armchairs, tables, chairs etc.)

Furniture container

  • Baseplate: 1,500 × 1,000 mm
  • Side parts: 400 mm high and can be folded down to increase the loading area
  • no gaps on the transitions
  • height adjustment to adjust the inclination

Technical specifications

TypBigmover 45/6,5Bigmover 56/7,5
Payload400 kg400 kg
Rail length6.5 m7.5 m
Hoisting height45.0 m56.0 m
Total weight≥ 7.5 t≥ 7.5 t
Slide speed48.0 m/min.48.0 m/min.
Vehicle dimensions17.62 x 2.00 x 3.45 m8.63 x 2.42 x 3.57 m
Truck load capacity7.50 t7.50 t

Subject to technical changes. All dimensions are approximate. The right is reserved to alter the functions and performance. The information reflects the appliance performance at the time of publication.1 dependent on truck type
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