The K280 is a reliable all-rounder for roofers and carpenters, most of whom work in the private construction sector. Its hook height is 25.5 m, the reach with a load of 250 kg is a proud 18.50 m. Since its buckling edge height is around 22 m, the K280 can also reach the rear sides of multi-storey residential buildings without having to move the crane. A hydraulic folding joint, which is operated by remote control, ensures comfortable and quick erection. Thanks to its self-propelled drive and a small footprint, the Klaas lightweight is the ideal crane for narrow construction sites.

K280 E – self-sufficient work without compromise

The K280 can be optionally equipped with an electric motor and a powerful battery. This allows the K280 E battery crane to be used not only in an environmentally friendly way, but also completely self-sufficiently. The energy storage can be charged at any standard 230-volt socket. Thanks to consumption-oriented settings and stop-and-go automatic, the crane can be operated for several days with a full battery charge.