Firefighting technology

The Theo20 FW is an elevating work platform for fast and safe fire fighting operations in confined spaces. Via a telescopic water guide tube on the aluminium mast, fires with a water capacity of 400 litres per minute and a throwing distance of approximately 30 metres can be fought efficiently.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Theo20 FW is easy to handle and can also be set up in places where access is difficult or impossible for proven fire-fighting vehicles. Its vehicle offers space for three firefighters, and clearly arranged equipment such as radio, navigation and control panel for special signals make it easy to operate.



  • fully hydraulic outriggers in conjunction with ASC support monitoring system enables infinitely variable outrigger widths, even in the direction of the range of action
  • no fixed increments that restrict the operator
  • optimal user protection thanks to constant monitoring of the stability
  • Integral hydraulic lines to outrigger beams, thus protection against damage from falling objects.

Full panelling

  • completely closed full panelling made of anodised aluminium smooth plate
  • lockable doors and hoods ensure inaccessibility to various components
  • high-quality design
  • easier to clean the vehicle

Automatic levelling

  • quick and easy set-up and dismounting via the control console
  • fully variable outrigger extension
  • self levelling outrigger set-up even on uneven surface
  • constant pressure monitoring reacts to changing outside conditions

Platform control

  • ultra-modern safety control system (PLC) for operating the platform according to DIN EN 280
  • modern CAN BUS control block for particularly sensitive and accurate work
  • soft start/stop for low-vibration work
  • optional control of all key basket functions via second cable remote control from below
  • Freely selectable angle of rotation presetting
  • Freely selectable throat and height presetting

Basket control station

  • high-quality basket control station in terms of ergonomics and feel, optimally adapted to the operator’s needs
  • easy to operate thanks to direct selection of important functions and clear presentation
  • extremely sensitive joysticks for precisely controlling the platform
  • informative, large colour display clearly showing all key platform operating statuses
  • with integrated plastic protective cover

Drive concept

  • platform operated by powerful truck engine with auxiliary drive (PTO)
  • modern controller and electrical components enable standstill in the assembled state over a longer period of time
  • electronic level monitoring of the vehicle fuel tank, feedback when the reserve range is reached via the control panel

Telescopic winch

  • quick telescoping under load thanks to patented Klaas rope technology
  • integrated electronic length measurement records current extension length of the mast and calculates maximum possible payload
  • low net weight of the ropes increases range of action and payload
  • low-maintenance and very easy to reach rope technology

Energy supply

  • protected routing of all moving electrical and hydraulic leads in or on the mast
  • no hose or cable reels on the mast
  • low-maintenance hydraulic pipework made of galvanised steel used in the substructure, meaning there is no need to change hydraulic hoses

Boom system

  • extremely strong and weather-resistant aluminium special alloy with low net weight
  • no strength loss in the welding seam due to stir welding process, joints are as strong as the solid material
  • boom is endlessly rotatable
  • telescopic water supply pipe supplies the working basket with fire water

Working platform

  • attaching a steel tube to the front of the basket via a C connection
  • powerful LED spotlights and near-field lamps for effective illumination
  • entrance and exit to the front and rear via a self-closing door
  • work basket rotates infinitely by 45° to each side using a joystick
  • 230 V socket for power tools
  • lashing points conforming to standards for the PPE directly in the working platform

Endless rotatable boom

  • upper structure with the boom can be rotated 360°

Optional equipment

Remote control from below

  • optional control of all key basket functions via second cable remote control from below

Technical specifications

Working height20.0 m
Range to the rear (250 kg)14.5 m
Range to the rear (100 kg)14.5 m
Range to the side (100 kg)14.5 m
Basket capacity250 kg
Total weight4.6 t
Swivel rangeendlessly rotatable
Work basket angle of rotation90.00 °
Large work basket1.40 x 0.70 m
Outrigger width (min.)2.24 m
Outrigger width (max., at the front)4.26 m
Outrigger width (max., at the back)4.25 m

Working range diagrams

Subject to technical changes. All dimensions are approximate. The right is reserved to alter the functions and performance. The information reflects the appliance performance at the time of publication.
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