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We develop innovative, high-performance and high-quality work appliances for all jobs surrounding roofs and facades – always according to the motto ‘from practical experience – for practical application’. And therein lies the secret of our success. Since the first Klaas aluminium crane was developed in 1993, over 7,000 mobile and trailer cranes have been sold worldwide.
That makes us no. 1.

Kranservice Solle

Simon Solle had his first experience with Klaas equipment over ten years ago – in the roofing business of his father Robert,...

Kemmler Logistik

Kemmler Baustoff GmbH is a Swabian family business and, with more than 20 branches, the leading specialist building materials and tile...

Voluntary fire brigade Neuburg an der Donau

The voluntary fire brigade Neuburg an der Donau can look back on almost 160 years of association history. About 90 firemen and women...