Extinguishing arm

Together with Empl, the Austrian truck body manufacturer, Klaas developed a high-performance industrial firefighting vehicle with a telescopic, articulated arm made of high-quality aluminium. This can deliver 4,000 l of water a minute at a height of 25 m and can be operated from a safe distance. The multifunctional fire engine is predominantly used in chemical industrial parks or refineries for putting out large hostile fires or quelling clouds of dust.

Technical specifications

Hook height14.0 m
ChassisMAN TGS 26.440 as standard
Supportfour-point support, within vehicle contours
Outrigger width (max.)2.40 m
Mast systemthree-part telescopic boom and one-part monitor boom
Mast featuresaluminium boom with automatic set-up and dismounting system, endlessly rotatable
Max. monitor height25.00 m
Water cannonAlco PowerFighter 3-C, max. water delivery 1,000 to 4,000 l/min, full jet and spray nozzle attachment, each can be adjusted via handheld radio transmitter
ElectricsCAN bus control system
Winch capacity1.0 t optional t
Vehicle dimensions19.50 x 2.40 x 3.60 m

Working range diagrams

1. Support

  • using the automatic support mode, the vehicle can be easily and safely stabilised and levelled even in stressful situations
  • lateral support so that the wheels continue to have contact with the ground

2. Extinguishing arm

  • designed to DIN EN 12999 and DIN EN 13000
  • uses tested CAN bus controllers and components
  • dual support and load monitoring
  • all motions controlled via emergency handle
  • 230 V hydraulic unit for retracting the mast out of the danger area

3. Boom monitor

  • possible to perform all functions from a safe distance (up to 100 m) using handheld radio transmitter

4. Alternative extra equipment

  • camera technology (thermal image and picture transmission) at the end of the crane boom
  • crane winch with a max. load capacity of 1,000 kg
  • two-person basket (max. 180 kg)

Subject to technical changes. All dimensions are approximate. The right is reserved to alter the functions and performance. The information reflects the appliance performance at the time of publication.1 incl. roof cut-out