Trailer cranes

K23-33 RS City

The K23-33 RS City with a hook height of almost 33 m has been one of Klaas’ most popular trailer cranes for many years. With its lateral range of 23 m with a load of 250 kg, it features an enormous radius of action. The aluminium crane can be converted into a work platform in a few minutes without tools, thus enabling varied, safe work on the building site. Thanks to its self-drive mechanism it is able to manoeuvre into suitable gap with pinpoint accuracy and be shortened to 7 m due to its retractable drawbar. As a single axle model with a low net weight of 3.5 t, it is also easy to handle in tight spaces.


Telescopic winch

  • quick telescoping under load thanks to patented Klaas rope technology
  • integrated electronic length measurement records current extension length of the mast and calculates maximum possible payload
  • low net weight of the ropes increases range of action and payload
  • low-maintenance and very easy to reach rope technology

Double derricking cylinders

  • boom raised with low torsion thanks to two luffing cylinders
  • double safety due to two cylinders
  • better absorption of lateral guide forces, making the boom more stable and still
Video: Double derricking cylinders

Twin luffing cylinders

  • folding jib joint is milled "from the solid" and thus enables higher load bearing capacity
  • electronic monitoring in the joint guarantees optimal lifting of loads in any angular position
  • twin luffing cylinders for even more security and protection against lateral forces
Video: Twin luffing cylinders  

Radio remote control

  • precise starting thanks to sensitive joysticks
  • large display provides a clear indication of all the crane’s key operating statuses
  • power supplied by standard batteries or cable
  • equipment with memory function possible
  • this learns two target points (e.g. where material is on the ground and unloading point on the roof), during which the crane moves in safe hold-to-run mode

Automatic levelling

  • the crane is completely set up quickly and easily using the radio remote control
  • each individual support infinitely extends laterally
  • automatic levelling of the support cylinders for optimal set-up even on uneven surfaces
  • constant pressure monitoring reacts to changing outside conditions

Endlessly rotatable

  • high-quality turntable from German brand manufacture
  • well thought-out rotary guide enables endless rotation of the upper carriage in both directions
Video: Endlessly rotatable

Boom system

  • extremely strong and weather-resistant aluminium special alloy with low net weight
  • no strength loss in the welding seam due to stir welding process, joints are as strong as the solid material
  • typical Klaas hole pattern ensures smaller wind-exposed areas, low net weight and high dent resistance

Crane control system

  • complex control system according to EN 280 and EN 13000
  • ultra-modern safety PLC for the crane operation
  • CAN BUS control block for particularly sensitive and accurate work
  • soft start/stop for low-vibration work
  • extension with additional remote control possible


  • fully hydraulic support in conjunction with the ASC support monitoring system enables infinitely variable outrigger widths, also in the direction of the range of action
  • no fixed increments that restrict the operator
  • l-shaped support ensure best possible safety against overturning
  • support without underpinning possible thanks to long, vertical cylinder

Full panelling

  • roomy, lockable storage compartments
  • secure storage of tools and accessories
  • large storage surface on the crane
  • high-quality, neat overall appearance thanks to aluminium full checker plate panelling

Drive concept

  • powerful diesel engine for the crane operation
  • low fuel consumption meaning enormous cost saving and reduction of environmental impact
  • electronic tank monitoring on the crane and display via the remote control unit

Retractable drawbar

  • reducing the total length from 9.25 m to 7.00 m enables set-up even where there is not much room

Self-drive mechanism

  • hydraulic self-drive mechanism operated by standard remote control
  • easy manoeuvring in tight spaces

Optional equipment

Hybrid drive

  • optional drive by diesel engine or environmentally friendly electric motor
  • electric motor can be removed without tools for transport on the road

Personal safety mode

  • personal safety mode in accordance with BG guidelines
  • for working at great heights without stationary securing options such as scaffolding or safety eyes
  • securing of persons by crane boom allows free working at exposed places

Accessory fix system

  • accessories are securely stored and immediately within reach
  • no cumbersome lashing necessary
  • custom-fit holders ensure safety on the road
  • crane equipped with fitting brackets

Working platform

  • The crane can be converted to a fully-fledged working platform in less than 5 minutes.
  • with 230 V socket and standardised lashing points for securing persons
  • The working platform can be swivelled left and right by 45° to either side.

Technical specifications

Hook load (stand./opt.)1,500 / – kg
Hook height32.8 m
Total weight≥ 3.5 t
Boom length34.10 m
Outrigger width (min.)2.85 m
Outrigger width (min. by HA)3.60 m
Outrigger width (max.)5.04 m
Winch capacity1,500 kg
Boom (1,500 kg)4.97 m
Extension 1 (800 kg)8.26 m
Extension 2 (500 kg)10.39 m
Extension 3 (250 kg)12.31 m
Vehicle dimensions9.24 x 2.27 x 2.59 m
Towing capacity3.50 t

Working range

1,500 kg4.50 m22.00 m
1,000 kg8.50 m20.50 m
800 kg9.50 m24.50 m
500 kg14.00 m21.50 m
350 kg17.00 m23.00 m
250 kg23.00 m19.00 m

Working range diagrams

Subject to technical changes. All dimensions are approximate. The right is reserved to alter the functions and performance. The information reflects the appliance performance at the time of publication.
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