Furniture lifts

Toplight 21 furniture

This furniture lift is a lightweight at just 750 kg and a convenient alternative to a removal lift. It can be towed by almost any car, whereby the height-adjustable towing device on the headpiece offers full flexibility and optimal driving ergonomics. A balanced weight distribution enables the lift to be easily manoeuvred when uncoupled. The Toplight 21 reaches heights of up to 21 m and can be supplied with a choice of petrol or 230 V electric engine. A base extension of around 2 m, which can be lowered down to the ground, guarantees an optimal working height.


Drive concept
  • equipped either with petrol engine or electric motor
  • Petrol engine: Honda GX270 9 PS with automatic speed increase
  • Electric motor: 230 V, 2,2 KW power, 12,9 Ampere with starting current limitation
Retractable drawbar
  • smaller installation area of the lift thanks to retractable drawbar
  • drawbar does not disturb when the rail does not have to be extended (e. g. when working on the first floor)

Handheld remote control unit

  • adjustable stopping points
  • soft start-up and braking of the slide
  • wear-free, resistant and safe to operate solenoid switch, no mechanical switching
  • regulation of the speed whilst moving, down to stop, by pressing a button
  • pendant control panel with 5 m cable for engine start/stop, slide up/down as well as emergency off

Lift control

  • one-handed operation of all hydraulic functions
  • proportional valves enable sensitive work
  • soft start-up and braking of the slide conserves the transport material

Control on headpiece

  • slide can be moved from top to bottom
  • motor on/off function
  • slide immediately stopped using emergency stop switch


  • four-way support using solid steel supports
  • side supports can be pivoted 180°
  • optional: fifth support for increased stability

Base extension

  • stable base extension can be variably pulled out
  • lower loading height to protect the back whilst working

Furniture container

  • Baseplate: 1,500 × 1,000 mm
  • Side parts: 400 mm high and can be folded down to increase the loading area
  • no gaps on the transitions
  • height adjustment to adjust the inclination

Optional equipment

Extendable pneumatic wheels

  • laterally extendable pneumatic wheels for optimal adjustment to local conditions
  • various widths can be set thanks to several locking points
Rotatable-extendable furniture container
  • Baseplate: 1,500 × 1,000mm
  • Side parts: 400 mm high and can be folded down to increase the loading area
  • no gaps on the transitions
  • height adjustment to adjust the inclination
  • easy to work with as furniture container can be used for loading and unloading
  • due to its rotatability, the furniture container also fits through narrow window openings
‘System Paulus’ furniture container
  • closed loading area by extending the side parts
  • no opening on the corners
  • ideal for transporting furniture with feet (armchairs, tables, chairs etc.)

Technical specifications

Payload200 kg
Rail length5.0 m
Hoisting height21.0 m
Total weight0.75 t
Honda engine slide speed48.0 m/min.
Electric motor slide speed24 - 40 m/min.
Vehicle dimensions6.200 x 1.380 x 2.185

Subject to technical changes. All dimensions are approximate. The right is reserved to alter the functions and performance. The information reflects the appliance performance at the time of publication.