Voluntary fire brigade Neuburg an der Donau
Company profile:Fighting fires, rescuing people, technical assistance and civil protection
Company headquarters:Neuburg an der Donau
Size:30,000 inhabitants

The voluntary fire brigade Neuburg an der Donau can look back on almost 160 years of association history. About 90 firemen and women serve there and work voluntarily for the safety of their town. As a base fire brigade the tasks are varied, so that numerous special vehicles belong to the emergency fleet. A Theo20 FW was added in October 2020. It is predestined for operations in Neuburg’s historic old town and has provided a great deal of technical assistance since then.


Firefighting technology:Theo20 FW

In their search for a replacement for their 18 m high turntable ladder with hand crank from the 1980s, the comrades from Neuburg had to find out that small vehicles for operations in confined spaces were hardly available on the market. So they looked around the manufacturers of elevating work platforms – and came across the Theo20. According to their ideas, this was converted for fire brigade requirements, and the prototype of an elevating work platform for fire fighting and personal rescue was created. Thanks to its working height of 20 m, it can reach upper floors as well as high tree tops. And all this with compact dimensions and comparatively small footprint.

The motto for fire-fighting vehicles is "bigger and bigger, higher and higher" and small devices are hard to come by. But sometimes big is too big, for example in the narrow and winding streets of Neuburg. That's why we looked around the manufacturers of elevating work platforms and, in close cooperation with Klaas, were able to create a compact emergency vehicle according to our ideas. A comparable turntable ladder would have been many times more expensive.

Markus Rieß, Commander of the Neuburg fire brigade