Umzüge Lange
Company profile:Removals, furniture storage, hire of furniture lifts
Company headquarters:Hohenwart, Bavaria / Nordwestuckermark, Brandenburg
Size:9 employees

When it comes to moving homes or relocating companies, clearing out or storing items, fitting kitchens or assembling furniture – Umzüge Lange provides its customers with personalised help when relocating. Even when difficult and complicated transport requests are involved, the removals company always comes up with something and offers tailored solutions.


Furniture lifts:Topworker 33/5, Toplight 21 furniture

So that removals run smoothly not only for its customers, the businessman from Hohenwart has been using the Toplight 21 furniture lift for years. In order to be able to react even more flexibly to its customers’ requests, a Topworker with a hoisting height of 33 m is being added in spring 2018. This will allow Torsten Lange to also handle removals via high windows and balconies without having to transport bulky furniture up and down narrow staircases – a clear benefit as far as the health of his employees and his customers’ wallets are concerned.

When valuable pieces of furniture get damaged whilst transporting them up and down tight staircases, this is a lot of hassle and requires extra work. Because not only does the furniture have to be repaired or replaced, but the damage to the walls also has to be sorted out. That costs a lot of time and creates plenty of stress.

Torsten Lange, Company owner