Puderbach voluntary fire department
Company profile:Rescuing people in emergencies, fighting fires and providing technical help in case of accidents
Company headquarters:Puderbach municipality, Puderbach fire brigade, Germany
Size:15.000 inhabitants

The municipality of Puderbach lies in the heart of the Westerwald – narrow lanes shape the image of the 16 local communities. Around 100 men and women serve in the voluntary fire department of the Puderbach municipality and work voluntarily for the community. On average the firefighters are called out 90 to 100 times a year to a wide range of jobs.


Firefighting technology:Alufiver

The tasks covered by the fire department have become increasingly complex and diverse over recent decades. As a result, the Puderbach fire brigade has developed into a multifunctional rescue organisation. It thus makes all the more sense to use multifunctional vehicles like the AluFiver, which is not only capable of rescuing and salvaging, but also of extinguishing fires.

Thanks to its flexible telescopic mast with hinged joints, with the AluFiver we can also rescue people from danger areas that cannot be reached using conventional turntable ladders. The integrated water pipe on the work basket and the enormous rescue height of over 30 m also enable large fires to be tackled safely and quickly from above.

Dirk Kuhl, Chief of the VG Puderbach fire brigade