Hofmann Holzbau + Solartechnik
Company profile:Carpentry workshop and solar technology specialists
Company headquarters:Mühlingen (Konstanz)
Size:8 employees

Aren Hofmann founded his carpentry business in 2005 and, since then, has been providing a wide range of carpentry and roofing services. By completing an apprenticeship in solar technology, he has expanded his service offering with the addition of a forward-looking field. Because the area around Konstanz features narrow and angular alleyways, tight-fitting construction areas with little working space are nothing new to him. Additionally, Aren Hofmann works in those places where others go on holiday – surrounded by tourists.


Mobile cranes:K27-32 TSR

That is why this entrepreneur opted for a K27-32 RH, based on a Fuso with hybrid power train. This gives him the choice: for longer construction site jobs, Hofmann Holzbau + Solartechnik uses the electric motor, which draws its power from the construction site’s mains. Not only does this allow extremely quiet operation, but also does not generate any polluting exhaust gases. For quick jobs and on smaller construction sites without mains access, Hofmann operates the crane using the powerful auxiliary drive of the lorry engine. This means that the two drive concepts complement each other perfectly depending on the requirements and conditions.

I wouldn’t want to do without the crane anymore. Especially on longer jobs, it is nice to not have to work with a constantly running engine. Additionally, the crane is particularly sensitive with the electric motor. I am also very pleased with the speed of operation.

Aren Hofmann, Master Carpenter and Solar Technology Specialist