Company profile:Crane service for glaziers, window and metalworkers
Company headquarters:Esslingen (Neckar), Germany

Whenever glaziers, window or metalworkers have to install large and heavy elements in places that are difficult to access, Gerd Schulz is on site with his K27-32 TSR. Canopies or patio roofs made of glass, large window elements or balcony slabs for upper floors as well as bulky external stairs or railings pose no problem for him and his truck-mounted crane. In order to be able to react flexibly to transport and assembly requests, the entrepreneur from Esslingen purchased various glass suction cups and vacuum lifters, pallet forks and special belts.


Mobile cranes:K27-32 TSR

The trained glazier and window maker acquired his first aluminium crane in 2003, but it was not particularly efficient due to its age. For some orders he therefore rented a stronger crane from Klaas. Convinced of its performance and sensitive control system, Gerd Schulz decided in 2012 to purchase a used K25-30 TS. This enabled him to also offer lifting work for metalworkers and to open up a new field of business. Three years later, he exchanged it for a new, manoeuvrable K27-32 TSR.


Working with the K25-30 has finally convinced me: in 2015 I ordered a new Klaas crane. The crane is extremely manoeuvrable on the short wheelbase 9.5-ton Mercedes Atego. This is more important to me than a larger projection. Thanks to the higher weight of the carrier vehicle, the maximum values of the load diagram can be easily achieved. The K27-32 is the ideal vehicle for my application.

Gerd Schulz, Owner Montagefux