Bihler GmbH
Company profile:Roofing and painting business, rental of cranes and working platforms
Company headquarters:Pforzheim, Germany
Size:51 employees

The company, which was founded in 1983 with three employees, has meanwhile become one of the largest roofing companies in the Pforzheim area. In addition to classic work on pitched and flat roofs, Oliver Bihler and his more than 50 employees offer facade, sheet metal and chimney construction work as well as the installation of lightning protection systems. Since 2010, the range of commissions has also included painting work.


Construction lifts:Toplight 21 construction
Trailer cranes:K23-33 RS City
Mobile cranes:K29-34 TSR, K1000 RSX

Depending on the order and project size, the company from Pforzheim uses its two construction lifts and three mobile cranes: On construction sites where space is limited, the trailer crane helps to unload the material precisely at the right place. For smaller orders, one of the construction lifts is used to transport bricks and the like upwards comfortably and safely. For the speedy completion of large projects with extensive roofing work, a construction lift is often taken along in addition to the crane and used variably.

Our own construction lifts and cranes make us independent, fast and flexible. In addition to making work a lot easier, they have a positive side effect that should not be underestimated: The machinery makes our company extremely interesting as an employer. This is not entirely unimportant in times when it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain qualified people or recruit new specialists.

Oliver Bihler, Managing director Bihler GmbH