Denkmalbau GmbH Ettersburg
Company profile:Renovation and preservation of monuments
Company headquarters:Ettersburg, Germany
Size:50 employees

Besides carpentry, the daily tasks of the 50 or so employees also include roofing, plumbing, bricklaying, woodwork and structural protection as well as steelwork. This variety enables them to tackle large and particularly specialised construction projects. That is why the company from Ettersburg specialised in renovating listed buildings


Trailer cranes:K23-33 RS City, K21-31 TSR
Mobile cranes:K1100, K31-40 TS, K36-46 TFR

Because our work area is predominantly on the roof and this involves long transport distances, we can use the cranes on almost any building site. Most of our employees are trained to handle these, meaning that we change the appliances on the construction sites depending on the assignment and urgency.

When it comes to renovating castles, palaces and listed buildings, we often have to cope with narrow access roads and limited freedom to work. Our trailer cranes are therefore ideal for these building sites. With the help of the self-propelled system, we even drove the K23-33 TSR-City into the Bayreuth Opera House to set up a 13 m high work level.

Matthias Mönch, Management Denkmalbau GmbH Ettersburg